The Hills Are Closed

The province-wide “Emergency Break” application began Saturday April 3, 2021 at 12:01 a.m. and will be in place for at least four weeks. 

Included in these safety measures is the mandatory shutdown of ski areas in Ontario. Therefore, consistent with the provincial order, Ontario Ski Hills closed on Saturday April 3, 2021.

After three weeks of fun in the sun on the slopes, the end of the season comes much before skiers and Mother Nature had planned for. Most Ontario hills still have snow coverage. Certainly for 1-2 more weekends. Likely, through “March Break”.  Unfortunately, that sweet soft stuff will remain untouched on closed hills.

Since entering its third declared State of Emergency, Ski Clubs have put the following steps in place in compliance with the updated “Stay-at-Home” order effective April 8th.

The Club outdoor staff are allowed to operate essential services, plus construction, repairs and property maintenance. Summer operations teams will keep essentials services running during normal working hours.

Staff that can work from home, will work from home.

Private Club Ski Members that require anything from the office or lockers, should contact Ski Clubs directly. 

Ski Clubs remind everyone to stay off Ski Club hills as operations staff are working to decommission ski hills and lifts for the summer.

Recreation trails close to ski clubs and in Provincial Parks remain open for public – please keep group size to a minimum and within your household. Wear a mask when passing other hikers.

Let’s all do our part and comply with the intent of the Stay-at-Home order to reduce the impact of the 3rd wave of COVID-19. Happy Vaxx off-season. 

In other closure news, Blue Mountain Resort has also closed its downhill mountain biking trails. This was done earlier in the Winter Season to expand cross-country trails.

Throughout the summer months, Blue Mountain’s central chair lift is typically converted to a gondola to carry mountain bikes to the top of the hill. Blue Mountain suspended its downhill biking season because of the pandemic.

“We are looking at ways of enhancing our trail network with pedal access biking, so cross-country and enduro-style biking, but that is yet to come,” said Tara Lovell.

Blue Mountain will release its new plan for mountain biking later this spring. In the meantime, to be safe and avoid potentially closed trails, Collingwood Luxury Rentals recommends checking the Trail Forks app and staying off Resort and Ski Hill property trails.