What We Watched These Holidays

It was different around here this holiday season in Collingwood.

COVID was in the air and ski hills were completely clear. Normally boisterous over the holidays, Collingwood celebrated lockdown with the rest of the province. Trails were packed with breathless hikers, and families watched Netflix in matching sweatsuits.

Here’s Collingwood Luxury Rentals list of favourite stuff we watched these holidays. And yes we know, it’s a lot.

Sort of Ranked.

1. Death to 2020 (Netflix Special)

We it too thought: Why do we want to watch this? We lived this. But then you see it’s by the Creators of Black Mirror. And has a startling cast. And then you watch its comedic brilliance.


2. The Undoing (Series)

Incredibly acted. Incredibly deceptive. Similar but better than Big Little Lies. Will make you a fan of Nicole Kidman.

HBO Series on Crave

3. North Shore Mountain Rescue (Series)

Free Mini Series on real-life mountain rescue situations on Grouse, Cypress and Seymour Mountains. Relentless rescue volunteers doing crazy things on Vancouver’s North Shore mountains. Extra cool mountain toys including helicopters.


4. Lion

Five-year old Indian boy is separated from his mother. Cannot remember where he is from. Gets adopted by loving Australian Family. Are you not entertained? Heart-wrenching true story with Dev Patel.


5. Hillbilly Elegy

Incredible true story of a Yale Law Student’s upbringing in Hillbilly America. Better book but amazing movie and performance by Glenn Close.

Netflix Original Movie.

6. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Because, reasons!


7. USS Callister – Black Mirror Season 4

Not Matt Damon blows your mind and teaches you to never consent to a digital copy of yourself!

Netflix Original Series

8. Silence of the Lambs

Seemed a little less scary in 2020… Anthony Hopkins is a true evil god.


9. Holidate

Attractive people socializing normally during the holidays. With Emma Roberts and very attractive man who looks twice her age.

Netflix Original Movie

10. Palm Springs

Time-travelly. With the girl from Netflix and everyone’s favourite, Andy Sandberg!

Amazon Prime Movie