Resorts in Lockdown… Ontario Back-Country Skiing?


While we agree backcountry skiing can be incredibly peaceful and an amazing workout, we prefer to stick to marked pistes in Ontario.

There is not a lot of Ontario Escarpment to work with – that we’ve discovered – that outranks resort skiing. It gets flat and swampy in lots of areas. Especially in early season (November, December). Backcountry skiing in Ontario is challenging because we often do not get enough snow off resort to build a solid enough base.

Ski Resorts supplement natural snow with man-made snow. They groom to ensure a solid base for skiing. This same care is not taken off-piste, and you can do damage to your ski bases by skiing over rocks, roots, etc.

Ontario Ski Clubs were built where they were for a reason. There is not a lot of Escarpment to work with – that we’ve discovered – that makes backcountry skiing a better option than Ontario Resort Skiing.

We prefer to stick to the resorts. Ski Resorts in Ontario are set to come out of lockdown on January 23, 2020.

Stay up-to-date on your favourite Ontario Ski Club’s COVID-19 Policies by checking Ski Club and Resort websites, or social pages frequently. Or visit our blog Collingwood Ski Updates for the latest Collingwood Ski News.

Collingwood Luxury Rentals recommends that you book your lift tickets early this Ski Season to avoid disappointment. Like, right now!

Most Ontario Ski Resorts/Clubs have online booking systems on their website, or an app, to pre-purchase/book Lift Tickets.

If you are planning to ski or ride at a Private Ski Club in Ontario check that club’s website or social pages. It is nawt business as usual this year.