What Makes Us Different?


Collingwood Luxury Rentals is a professional vacation rental company, certified by the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO #50025682). We are the first full-service, professionally certified property rental company in Collingwood, Ontario.

Collingwood Luxury Rental’s mission is to provide COVID-safe, eco-friendly rentals in Ontario’s outdoor sport capital – Collingwood, and close by. We are a professional vacation rental company, certified by the Travel Industry Council of Ontario.

In uncertain times, feel certain about your vacation with Collingwood Luxury Rentals.

Never rented before? No problem. Let Collingwood Luxury Rentals take care of everything. We guarantee you the following in every stay.

Professional Cleaners

All of our Rental Chalets are deep-cleaned, to professional quality pre-rental standards, for all rentals. Additionally, all our properties are supplied with fresh linens and a one-week stock of all essential supplies. All our cleaners abide by WHO Cleaning Guidelines for Rental Property Preparation. 

Local Expertise

Our family has owned a chalet in Collingwood for 20 years. As residents and passionate outdoor athletes, it is in our company’s DNA to cherish and protect the natural gem that is Collingwood, Ontario.


Our difference is our customer service. Each rental is assigned a personal concierge to assist them throughout leading up to and throughout their stay. Contact our friendly team at any time during your stay. 

Onsite Greeting by Your Concierge Team

Your Concierge Team will be onsite to greet you at your property. Your Concierge Team will ensure you enter safety, explain all important property details, demo your property’s tech, and give you a welcome tour (if you are comfortable). Your Concierge Team is an expert on your property, so feel free to reach out to them anytime with questions.

Fully Loaded 

All our rentals are ready for you to get livin’ on check-in: full sets of fresh linens and kitchens/bathrooms/laundry rooms are stocked with one-week’s worth of essential supplies & cleaning products. As well, we ensure all properties have a week’s worth of propane and water. 

Property Binder

No problem if you forget any of the information your Concierge Team shares during your check in tour. Every rental is equipped with a property binder complete with all property information you will need. 

Rental Inspection

Your property’s assigned Concierge team member thoroughly inspects your property the day guests check-in and check-out. This ensure that properties are safe and fit to rent, and rental parties are accountable. 

COVID-19 Precautions

We are extremely sensitive to and aware of the risks of operating our business in a COVID-19 environment. We maintain strict controls on the chain of custody of our linens. All our staff visiting properties are equipped with masks, gloves, and sanitizer. We take COVID-19 very seriously and we hope you do too!