Collingwood Luxury Rentals Owner Experience


Our owner’s experience is just as important to us as the guest’s experience!

We would never rent your property to a party you were not comfortable with, and we always screen prospective Collingwood Luxury Rental guests.

Professional Vacation Rental Company

Collingwood Luxury Rentals works with you every step of the way to prepare your property for rentals to guests that you personally approve. We connect your property to responsible, accountable rental parties. We only rent to guests you are comfortable with – you can accept or deny rental requests at any time.

On the day your guests check out, we professionally clean and inspect your property. In the event of damage to your property, we hold guests responsible for all damages and/or fees resulting from guest actions.

Contact us to learn about our services and to learn how to list your property with Collingwood Luxury Rentals services.

Pre-Listing Meeting

We want to understand what groups you are comfortable with renting your property so we can appropriately promote it.

In our Pre-Listing Meeting, we will confirm: maximum number of night guests, maximum number of day guests, children guests, pet guests, available dates, pricing, and fees.

We will also ask you about high-value items or dangerous items on your property, and get your sign-off on pricing, fees, and your property’s rental listing.

It is our mission to be an expert on your property so we can return it to you in identical pre-rental condition.

Owners Please Review Us!

We want to hear about your experience renting with Collingwood Luxury Rentals!

After your guests check out, we will email you asking you to review your experience renting and returning to your property.

We take owner reviews very seriously. Please let us know how we did and you will hear back from us.